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“One advantage of bicycle travel is the opportunity, to get accustomed to foreign and new things slowly. […] The slow-going pace does help you to really arrive in a foreign country. Not only physically, but also mentally.”

Total Time on Tour

Pretty much exactly
26 months in total

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The Plan

I want to see the world. I want to explore the world, to experience new things: Since beginning of 2015 I am cycling eastwards – or just through the world.

For me the bicycle is in the perfect means of transport to travel. One has the perfect pace to get to know the country and its people, one is independent and is direct in the middle of the action. By that I mean, you’re right in the nature, feel the weather, the changing seasons, the topography – and you’re also close to the people. Personal contact comes easily to you as you’re riding a bicycle, you can experience the everyday life of different countries and learn about cultures. Often I avoid touristic places (unless they are really worth a visit), and prefer to get to know a country with all its everyday facets. Because for me, the nicest trips are the ones far away from the tourism industry.

On my big tour I have no geographical goal respectively no final destination, but I want to take enough time to learn about the countries I am visiting. Therefore I plan as little as possible to find my way as flexible as possible. The great thing while traveling by bike and tent is that you have this flexibility: you can spontaneously decide where and when you want to cycle respectively stop, and where you want to stay.

This trip is a great challenge for me, physically and mentally – and with such a project, a small portion of naivety is accompanying me. Nevertheless, I am very excited about being on the road for the next months or years!

Hi there, it's me!


“You could discuss a long time about the sense or nonsense of a 100'000  kilometer long bicycle tour. Like about the sense or nonsense, to run 100 meters faster than in 10 seconds, to climb a mountain with 8848 meter of altitude, or to drive in circles with a racing car faster than others. The motivation of all of those undertakings is the same, it's the passion.”