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Podgorica, Montenegro

Sunny funny days with Angela


In Dubrovnik I met Angela from Bavaria, a super-cool girl cycling from Germany to Rio de Janeiro. All the way on the Croation coast, we were like hunting each other although we didn`t know about each other. And so, we decided to cycle together from now on, as far as our way will be the same. Probably to the border of Greece? We don`t know yet, just see what every day will bring.

IMG_4563[1] IMG_4564[1]

It`s a really good time riding with Angela, we have the same pace, same attitude and same humor! Well, I really enjoy her company!! The days are passing quickly, the weather is GREAT, just a perfect life… I guess, there is not much to say – the images are enough, aren`t they?

We are enjoying the coast line, riding up and down the cliffs, looking and stunning about the quickly growing tourist-cities, camping on the best spots on earth, freezing during the nights, tanning all day long, riding passes (well, okay it was only one, but 805m), wondering about the road conditions, relaxing and drinking coffee… Well, we just live our dream!

Today, we had a lazy day, cycled only about thirty kilometers. We stayed in our sleeping bags for a loooong time, had a good-morning-coffee and then went along the big lake in Montenegro. After just some minutes of cycling we stopped and made a spontaneous boat-tour around the northern part of the lake, to some islands. Gorgeous!

And now, we stay in a small hostel in the capital city of Montenegro, called nice place. And yes, it is so! Tomorrow we will cross the border to Albania. Wooohooo!

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